The story behind LIVE IT UP.


Tonisha Pawar

Actor | Entrepreneur | Lover of Fitness & Fashion
Mantra : ‘Be the best version of You’

She hails from the Garden City of India, Bangalore, where life is serene and easy-going. A decade ago, she arrived in the bustling, yet vigorous city of Mumbai and realised the need to be assertive to succeed. She learnt the importance of creating a self-brand, the nuances of survival, the benefits of networking and the need to be mentally strong. Sheer hard work, perseverance and focus opened doors for a successful career in Bollywood. She is a fitness enthusiast and a certified Pilates trainer from Balance Body, U.S.A. She believes that a fit body corresponds a strong will power. Over the years she has built a strong reputation and a substantial network of experts from fields of fashion, fitness, nutrition, stylists and more.
Her past experiences, her passion for fitness, fashion and a deep understanding of a void that needed to be filled, gave birth to ‘LIVE IT UP.’ A place which helps inspire and design the minds of people from all walks of life, to achieve more and shine. It can bring a metamorphosis in your lifestyle through fitness, sense of style in dressing and cosmetics, grooming or etiquettes, dialect or diction. She believes everybody is unique and have immense untapped potential.
Through LIVE IT UP she intends to unleash the real you, break all barriers and mind blocks, empower and transcend to make every life a masterpiece.


At LIVE IT UP, we believe that you are powerful beyond measure and you are meant to shine. Shine brighter than yesterday. Evolve, because if there was no transformation, we would never see butterflies. We are certain that you could create a life you can be proud of.
We Change.
We Enkindle.
We Create.
People look up to others for sparks of charisma and confidence. A powerful image is imperative for all, youth, home-makers and business leaders. Our panel of experts offer a combination of health, fitness and self brand-building solutions. We refine your mind, body and self. Careful examination, first-hand experience and years of expertise on the subject of The Self, has helped us identify elements and aspects in the modules we have created, that set you on a path to find and recreate you.
These modules are designed to sharpen your being, upgrade your life and LIVE IT UP. Change is a matter of small steps. A series of these seemingly small steps will reveal the ‘Great’ in you.
Our Motto: Today I will choose differently, today I choose to be ‘Me’