At Live It Up our mission is to empower individuals to lead an enriched life. To attain this, our team of experts and mentors will work with you every step of the way on your journey to a NEW YOU.

We will equip you with skills sets to refine and revamp your inner and outer self to gain that winning edge and fulfill your personal and professional goals.


Tonisha Pawar

Her passion for fitness, fashion and a deep understanding of a void that needed to be filled, gave birth to LIVE IT UP.

A place which helps inspire and design the minds of people from all walks of life, to achieve more and shine.



Be the version of Yourself!

Live It Up helps you transform your life. Our experts work one on one with you to overcome challenges, helping you refine your personality.
Our results-oriented modules will enhance your communication skills, work on your physical fitness and overall boost your confidence and have you looking and feeling fabulous.